Portfolio Profitability

Portfolio Profitability

Portfolio Profitability: Strengthen Your Value Proposition Without Breaking the Bank

Costs have risen significantly for CPG manufacturers, and the primary culprits are not directly related to the product itself. Large scale, systemic shifts, such as the enforcement of automated logging devices, aluminum tariffs, higher plastic demand, changes in paper production capacity and a tighter job market has resulted in more costly freight, packaging and labor. The ubiquitous and sustainable nature of these cost spikes means that CPG manufacturers must find innovative methods to offset them, beyond simply raising prices dramatically, if they want to avoid hurting their market share.

Also, with consumers focusing more heavily on value, along with the explosion of SKUs and channels, brands are under increasing pressure to grow the bottom line while also defending or even growing their topline from continued competitive encroachment. Smart manufacturers can effectively determine the most efficient path forward through portfolio profitability – an analysis of the entire portfolio across product, channel, customer and geography.

This webinar will share a recommended approach to help you identify, prioritize and execute against emerging opportunities to drive premium pricing, minimize costs and better message the products in your portfolio to ensure a stronger value proposition while significantly improving margins. You’ll learn:

  • How to fully capitalize on the price shoppers will pay for both new and existing features/benefits
  • How to adjust messaging and positioning to strengthen the existing feature set
  • How to identify opportunities to downsize, or cut costs without losing your valuable shoppers


Alyson Rudd, Category Strategy Manager, Bel Brands
Amanda Drury, Marketing Analytics Lead, Bel Brands
Ray Florio, Partner, Growth Consulting, IRI


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