OmniGrowth Deep Dive: Brand Penetration

OmniGrowth Deep Dive: Brand Penetration

How can you use retailer targeting and activation to maximize brand household penetration and market share? Find out in this installment of the OmniGrowth webinar series featuring Circana’s Anne Zybowski, Profitero’s Andrew Pearl, and firstmovr’s co-founders Oskar Kaszubski and Chris Perry. They discuss and explain:

  • The challenges preventing and root causes driving incremental growth.
  • Opportunity assessments that help brands identify household winners and losers, select the best paths forward, and design digital shelf activations that maximize incremental growth.
  • Best practices for using store-based metrics to activate the right digital shelf levers to engage new, lapsed, and current brand shoppers.
  • How to measure the impact of these levers to drive ongoing omnichannel incrementality, leveraging Circana and Profitero's industry-leading solution that integrates online causals with online sales.

This webinar is the second in a series of five sessions aimed at helping brands win in today’s omnichannel marketplace using holistic strategy, activation, and unique digital shelf causal data insights to capture incremental growth.


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