New Supply Chains

New Supply Chains

 New Supply Chains

The farm-to-table trend is intensifying. More and more consumers want to know where their food is coming from, and they want to minimize the distance their food travels before it is eaten. Historically, farmers’ markets and select restaurants have answered the call for local produce and meat, and grocery stories are now jumping on the bandwagon as well. Grocers are putting rooftop gardens on their stores, owning their own farms and working with “vertical farms,” which operate greenhouse farms at or near supermarkets, cutting time, distance, and cost from the supply chain.

This webinar, the third installment of IRI and FMI’s Top Trends in Fresh webinar series, shows how retailers are making farm-to-grocery a reality by turning the traditional supply chain upside down.

During this webinar, you will learn about the latest new supply models that will transform perimeter food retailing. The webinar also looks at how these new models will likely evolve and which categories are likely to see the most impact. In addition, the webinar highlights how retailers are developing more integrated approaches to managing local production with farmers.

Speakers: Steve Ramsey, executive vice president, IRI
Rick Stein, vice president of fresh foods, Food Marketing Institute


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