Keep Bringing Customers Back

Keep Bringing Customers Back: How an ID-based Retention Strategy Unlocks Big Returns for CPG Brands

CPG brands have seen massive increases in sales during COVID-19, and brands have found themselves with scores of new customers. It seems to be a good problem to have. But, once you have new customers, you need to find the best and most efficient ways to keep them. The combination of Epsilon’s marketing solutions and IRI’s verified purchase data and granular measurement is giving CPG brands the ability for highly targeted and persistent consumer connections to reach the highest-value consumers – including those gained during COVID-19 – with more relevant and more efficient campaigns.

This webinar shares how three CPG brands used these solutions to drive exceptional return on investment for their pandemic retention campaigns. Learn:

  • How an energy drink brand turned around its declining sales caused by rapid shifts in consumer behavior
  • How a coffee brand drove repeat purchases from its newly acquired customers
  • How a spreadable snack brand leveraged insights and ad creative to drive more incremental sales
  • Best practices for maximizing unique reach for the most relevant and strategic audiences
  • How granular audience segmentation enables personalized creative to boost return on ad spend


Darrell Jursa, Vice President, Enablement and Innovation, Media Center of Excellence, IRI
Dan Perez, Vice President, CPG Solutions, Epsilon


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