In-Flight Optimization

In-Flight Optimization

Power Campaign Performance with In-Flight Optimization

How the Right Sales Data Feeds Marketing to Increase Sales

One of the biggest advantages available to CPG brands today is the ability to measure in-store sales. Traditionally, brands have relied solely on clicks or engagement metrics to assess overall campaign performance. While these proxy metrics may give a rough estimate of conversions, they falsely assume that a consumer’s engagement will later convert them into a customer.

Fortunately, the right tools, data and automation are available to help CPG marketers and their agencies know exactly who and what drives conversion while the campaign is still running so that adjustments can be made in-flight to maximize success.

During this webinar, hear how a CPG brand was able to understand in near real-time what was most effective in driving its offline sales and how it used continuous optimization to improve overall sales lift and return on ad spend.    


  • How marketers can leverage offline sales data in near real-time to optimize campaigns in-flight, which is proven to drive better overall campaign performance
  • How to access the largest and most nationally representative deterministic
    audiences in the CPG industry
  • How to use the largest and most comprehensive data marketplace to tap
    into the most current and privacy-safe audiences in the industry


Max Knight, Vice President, Analytics, Amobee
David Wells, Senior Director of Sales, Data Store, LiveRamp
JP Beauchamp, Senior Vice President, Media Center of Excellence, IRI


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