How America Eats: The Snacking Frenzy in 2021 and Beyond

How America Eats: The Snacking Frenzy in 2021 and Beyond

How America Eats: The Snacking Frenzy in 2021 and Beyond

If there were a book about how many of us have been eating since the start of COVID-19, it might be called “Snacking All the Time … A COVID Memoir.”

All kidding aside, 2020 really was a standout year for the snack industry. As COVID-19 cases spread last year, so did the urge to snack. Certain snack categories exploded as consumers were less mobile, while other categories struggled.

Now, as vaccines start becoming available and consumers begin taking cautious steps back into some aspects of normal life, what does the future look like for snack consumption in 2021?

Join IRI's resident snacking expert, Sally Lyons Wyatt, for a closer look at the snacking dynamics of 2020, and which trends will persist or change this year.

During this webinar, find out:

  • How the variety of 2020 snack occasions impacted purchase dynamics
  • What role baking – which exploded in 2020 – is now playing in snacking
  • How different generations are snacking, and the similarities and differences between them
  • Which new flavor combinations are popular with consumers
  • Whether consumers abandoned health and wellness in their quests to cope (are COVID 15 pounds really a thing?), or if concerns over the virus urged more consumers to embrace healthier food products
  • What new innovations hit the shelves and are resonating with consumers


Sally Lyons Wyatt, Executive Vice President and Practice Leader, Client Insights, IRI


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