Fresh Conversations: Trends in Meal Making

Trends in Meal Making

Fresh Conversations: Trends in Meal Making

Despite a Q2 2020 renaissance in scratch cooking, sales of convenience foods so far this year are not only trending above 2020 figures (since the pandemic shut down some prepared food areas of the store), but sales are also now exceeding 2019 figures. As the pandemic continues, consumers need solutions – not silos – when it comes to meeting their evolving meal needs.

By building greater consumer awareness and offering the right meal solutions, retailers and manufacturers have a potent opportunity to grow sales in fresh prepared foods while also supporting total-store success.

During this 30-minute webinar, experts from IRI and 210 Analytics share the latest data and trends for fresh prepared foods. They also discuss how new product offerings, digital initiatives, in-store technologies and other creative ideas can help manufacturers and retailers propel sales growth in this area of the store while also fulfilling consumers’ needs for convenience and variety.


Jonna Parker, Principal, Fresh Center of Excellence, IRI
Anne-Marie Roerink, Principal and Founder, 210 Analytics


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