Customization to the New Consumerism

Customization to the New Consumerism

Customization to the New Consumerism

While 82 percent of meals are consumed in the home, the vast majority of these meals are not cooked from scratch. More and more, consumers are relying on a wide range of prepared foods — sometimes purchased at a grocery store or from a restaurant — to round out the meal.

During this webinar, IRI and FMI examine how retailers can capture these growing consumer needs. For instance, retailers can add prepared foods to their perimeter (as many are doing), take their own products and make them more convenient, such as offering pre-seasoned meat that is ready to cook or meal kits that packages everything the consumer needs in a single place. Consumers are willing to pay for more convenience, so this is a way to deliver that and show the store’s value, while exposing the consumer to new tastes and ingredients they may not put together on their own.

You’ll learn:

  • How retailers can capitalize on consumers’ desire for convenience and personalization
  • How store formats have changed and how they continue to evolve
  • Which e-commerce business models represent the most opportunity or the most competition
  • Why IRI believes that evolution and opportunity will continue

Speakers: Steve Ramsey, EVP, Practice Leader, IRI; and Rick Stein, VP, Fresh Foods, Food Marketing Institute


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