Convenience Retail 2021

Convenience Retail 2021

Convenience Retail: Find Out What’s In Store for 2021

Representing $166 billion of IRI’s $1.1 trillion total tracked sales, convenience is a valuable channel in CPG retail and offers meaningful growth year-over-year for many manufacturers.

However, since the onset of COVID-19, the convenience channel has been negatively impacted. Consumers have been doing more shopping in large-format stores to minimize trips, and less commuting means fewer opportunities to pop into convenience stores near work and home. Growth in convenience retail is usually cyclical and tied to macro-economic trends, including gas prices and construction of new housing. But now it also depends on pandemic recovery and consumer mobility, both of which remain uncertain.

During this webinar, leaders from IRI, RBC Capital Markets and CROSSMARK discuss the current state of convenience retail in the U.S. and how it’s expected to perform in 2021. Attendees will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics impacting convenience performance, as well as consumer and category level insights.
  • Hear what’s forecasted for the channel in 2021 and how and when it will rebound.
  • Learn specific strategies that manufacturers and operators can use to better connect with convenience shoppers during and after the pandemic.


Krishnakumar (KK) Davey, President, Strategic Analytics, IRI

Nik Modi, Managing Director – Beverages, Tobacco and Household Personal Care, RBC Capital Markets

Jeff Neihart, Vice President and General Manager, Client Development, CROSSMARK

Kennith Fries, Vice President, C-Stores, CROSSMARK


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