Continued Center Store Growth

Continued Center Store Growth

Charting the Course for Continued Center Store Growth

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has accelerated some of the changes that were already taking place in CPG, from retail’s transformation to the adoption of online grocery shopping. But the impact that center store, in particular, is having during this time (and is poised to have in the future) is creating ripple effects throughout the entire store and with consumers’ shopping behaviors and experiences. 

Center store sales increased 3% in 2019, but so far this year they are up an astounding 22%. From more occasions at home to new brand buyers and the heightened need for holistic health and wellbeing, we are seeing big boosts in center store business. The question for CPG manufacturers and retailers is whether this success will have staying power throughout the year and what role it will play in the future.

Join this webinar with IRI and Label Insight to get a full view of what’s been happening in center store and which specific opportunities you should be looking out for, both as the pandemic continues and after the U.S. returns to a more “normal” environment.

You’ll learn:

  • How the roles that center store food and beverage play have evolved due to COVID-19
  • What the channel impacts have been and what’s expected next
  • Some of the changes retailers are planning as a result of the coronavirus
  • The latest sales performance in center store, including in private label tiers and organic/natural performance
  • How shoppers’ needs have progressed, what products and functional benefits they are looking for and how to leverage those opportunities
  • How center store innovation will be impacted going forward


Thea Bourianne, Senior Solutions Consultant and Registered Dietitian, Label Insight
Sally Lyons Wyatt, Executive Vice President and Practice Leader, IRI


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