Channel Migration

Channel Migration

Channel Migration

Consumer engagement and the CPG shopping journey have forever changed—and the evolution is far from over. To protect and grow share of the nearly $737 billion omni-channel CPG world, marketers must have an adept ability to harness and transform abundant consumer and shopper-related data into insights—insights that must be the foundation for carefully targeted marketing programs that demonstrate a concrete understanding of channel usage patterns of  marketers’ most valuable shoppers. 

Sophisticated retail execution has become a critical skill among CPG manufacturers and retailers alike. To succeed, retailers and manufacturers must work as partners, embracing fast-paced joint business planning to get the right products on the right shelf at the right place and time. This webinar will help you to establish a strong multi-channel relevance to solidify a position in the express lane along the road to growth. Attendees will learn:

  • How to determine and deliver against each shoppers’/consumers’ most pressing needs and wants to protect and grow the core;
  • How to align assortment and distribution strategies against consumers’ preference and channel behaviors to get the right product to the right place at the right time;
  • Marketing mix strategies that optimize against unique characteristics and considerations at the channel level;
  • The importance of creating demand-based products and packages.

Host:  Susan Viamari, Editor of Thought Leadership, IRI

Duration:  1 hour


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