Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting

Improve Audience Targeting for Your CPG Ad Campaigns


This is what digital ads feel like to consumers today: intrusive, irrelevant, generalized and impersonal. Unfortunately, most advertising is not well targeted to the audience it is intended to reach.

And, if you are like most marketers and media buyers, you may not even know who you are actually reaching because of the lack of audience transparency in the industry. 

There is a better way to find and activate against your desired target audiences – whether you want to reach current buyers of your product, switch buyers in the category to your product or launch a new brand.

By tapping into more complete consumer and sales data, advertisers and their agencies can make better targeting decisions and deliver more relevant messages to the right consumers.

Find out how to stop yelling into a crowd. Join IRI to learn the easiest and most effective way to grow your CPG brand through better audience targeting. You’ll also learn the right questions to ask your data providers to ensure that you are getting the data that supports your business goals.


Jennifer Pelino, Senior Vice President, Advertisers and Agencies, Media Center of Excellence, IRI

Michael Ellgass, Executive Vice President, Technology and Retail Media Platforms, Media Center of Excellence, IRI


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