Advertising Through a Pandemic

Advertising Through a Pandemic

Advertising Through a Pandemic: How to Use New Shopping Patterns to Measure, Capture and Retain Buyers

While many U.S. consumers went into lockdown together, they are now coming out of it separately, as U.S. states and cities go through various phases of re-opening and cases of the virus continue to fluctuate across the country.

When restaurants closed and work commutes ended for many, food consumption habits shifted. Consumers adopted new CPG shopping and consumption behaviors, such as fewer trips to the grocery store, bigger baskets and more meal preparation at home.

As shoppers look to limit their time in stores, restaurants re-open and loyalty to channels and products shift, monitoring reemergence and changing habits is more important to advertisers than ever before. Location data provides a look into changes in grocery and restaurant foot traffic, time in store and distance traveled, while shopper data offers a granular view of channel, basket and product choices.

During this webinar, PlaceIQ and IRI provide a combined view on what consumers are doing now, including impacts to their food buying and consumption. We’ll discuss how to measure and plan in a market facing new economic challenges. And, we’ll share specific recommendations on how brands can more accurately reach new and existing buyers at scale to grow and defend the brand’s position during COVID-19 and beyond. 


Drew Breunig, Executive Vice President, Strategy, PlaceIQ
Nishat Mehta, President, Media Center of Excellence, IRI


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