IRI's Retail Offerings

Description: IRI's Training Center, accessed via Unify, provides on-demand learning plans available 24/7 to clients that subscribe to the following IRI retail offerings: 7 Exchange Collaborative Gateway, ADUSA Brand Insights Gateway, Albertsons Collaborative Platform, AWG Partner Gateway, BevMo! Gateway, Casey's Collaboration Portal, Costco CRX, CVS Gateway, H-E-B VIP, Kroger Collaborative Gateway, Sam's Madrid 2.0, SEG Action Gateway, Speedway Foresight, Target Collaboration Network, and the Walgreens Insights Gateway. Additionally, IRI provides multi-client, virtual, hands-on training for the following retail offerings: 7 Exchange Collaborative Gateway, Costco CRX, and Sam's Madrid 2.0. Email us for additional information about courses offered and upcoming dates.

Audience: Manufacturer/Vendor Clients that Subscribe to IRI's Retail Offerings (sessions are open to licensed users only).

Fill out the following registration form and an IRI Training representative will contact you to confirm your registration.

Please note: All classes are now conducted virtually. If there are 0 registrations 7 days prior, the session will be canceled.

Refund policy: We value your business and ask that you notify us 7 days in advance of any cancellation. Any cancellations made with less than 7 days of notice are non-refundable, however you may transfer funds towards a future session within the same calendar year.

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