Thought Leaders: Prakash Tilwani

Executive Vice President, Supply Chain and Media Solutions Development

Focus and Expertise:

  • Machine Learning, AI and Big Data to Solve Complex Business Problems
  • Innovation and Efficiencies in Retail Supply Chain Optimization
  • Real Time Targeting, Measurement and Optimization in Ads and Media

About Prakash Tilwani

Prakash has more than 20 years of experience bringing data, analytics and software together to unleash the full power of big data that's leading business growth and efficiencies. In his role, Prakash is focused on developing new solutions and capabilities that leverage various data assets, advanced analytical technologies and software engineering to accelerate business growth and efficiencies in the retail and media space.

Hot Topics

  • Retail Supply Chain Optimization – Unimaginable efficiencies are yet to be untapped in the supply chain space. IRI's supply chain solution helps brands optimize their future planning cycles and drive efficiencies.
  • Inventory Management – Non-optimal inventory levels result in tens of billions of dollars of lost opportunities and sub-optimal consumer experience. Optimization within the supply chain space will help realize huge cost savings and opportunities that can be used to invest in improving consumer experience and better consumer loyalty.
  • Augmented Decision Making – The human brain can only make a limited number of high-quality decisions. Machines play an important role in mining an infinite number of combinations to help consumers' make optimal decisions.
  • Big Data Management – The amount of data being mined is infinite, but in many cases, it is not being used properly to gain insights and align business objectives. IRI's Liquid Data platform makes it easier to consume vast amount of data and present actionable insights in an easy-to-understand form.

Thought Leadership