Thought Leaders: Philip Crean

Engagement Manager, Growth Consulting, IRI

Focus and Expertise

  • Growth strategy
  • Trend identification
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Alcoholic beverages

About Philip Crean

As engagement manager for IRI’s Growth Consulting practice, Philip Crean partners with executives at leading consumer goods manufacturers and retailers to define growth priorities and develop sustainable and profitable growth strategies.

Philip's experience spans strategy, marketing, and sales, with a focus on disruptive strategy, trend identification and portfolio positioning strategy. He has led C-level strategy engagements with global clients in alcoholic beverages, center store food & beverage, fresh food and e-commerce.

Hot Topics

  • Identifying Insurgent Brands – With 85% of new CPG products failing within the first two years, those that succeed are game changers that disrupt existing category trends. Spotting these insurgent brands early empowers CPG manufacturers to develop forward-looking growth strategies that anticipate tomorrow’s demand trends. Though no easy feat on its own, predicting the next big thing is only the beginning. Executives need to define winning strategies that allow them to tap into emerging demand and build a foundation to lead industry evolution. Future-first disruptive strategy coordinates all portfolio levers – innovation, M∓A, brand positioning, go-to-market – to ready the business to meet this challenge.
  • Social Intelligence Analytics – Understanding the consumer's voice is critical for any B2C business. Today's consumers are digitally minded and socially engaged, and they leave an online footprint through social media. Social intelligence analytics leverages artificial intelligence and natural language processing to mine the millions of statuses, comments, and photos posted every day. With this rich and organic dataset, B2C firms can dimensionalize consumer motivations, needs, usage, drivers, and pain points to build consumer-centric growth strategies.
  • Preemptive Deal Sourcing – Too many investors and dollars are chasing the same high-profile assets, which raise prices and diminish ROI. The process puts investors at a disadvantage, because they are forced to bid against one another on the sell-side's timeline. Savvy firms are getting out of the rat race. Instead, they proactively identify tomorrow's hot assets by leveraging big data and statistically proven indicators to predict future market potential. This approach puts the investor in the driver’s seat, because they are free to have strategic discussions with management before the asset is ever on the market.

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