Thought Leaders: Lance Goodridge

Executive, Global Analytics and Insights Solutions

Focus and Expertise:

  • Commercial Spend Optimization
  • Pricing and Promotion Analysis
  • Digital and In-Store Assortment
  • Innovation and Forecasting

About Lance Goodridge

Lance Goodridge is an Executive in IRI’s Global Analytics and Insights Solutions practice area. With more than 25 years of experience, Lance is an expert in analytics and marketing consulting and has worked with a variety of companies prior to IRI ,including Accenture, Marketing Management Analytics and The Cambridge Group.

His expertise includes commercial spend effectiveness and automated solutions, with particular emphasis on marketing mix, digital media solutions, in-store execution, forecasting, revenue growth management, retailer/class of trade strategies, pricing optimization and architecture. He also focuses on brand and business insights and strategy development.

Hot Topics

  • Price Management Strategy – In today’s inflationary environment, price sensitivity and elasticity are shifting. Brands and retailers should remain agile and adopt strategies to effectively manage price to drive growth.
  • Marketing Mix Effectiveness – An effective marketing strategy is essential for achieving positive business results. Maximizing a product’s position within target markets is key.
  • Digital Media Solutions – Strengthening digital media performance is key for elevating business outcomes. Reach the people that matter, where it matters with optimized digital media solutions.

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