Thought Leaders: JP Beauchamp

Senior Vice President, Media Center of Excellence, IRI

Focus and Expertise:

  • Consumer and Shopper Insights
  • Digital Media Solutions
  • Return on Marketing Investment
  • Experimental Marketing Strategy Design
About JP Beauchamp

As a recognized advertising industry expert, JP is focused on helping clients achieve more efficient and profitable ROI on their marketing and media investments.

In his 20-year career at IRI, Beauchamp has worked with a wide group of CPG and non-CPG firms, concentrating on advertising’s efficacy on both new and established brands. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, including the Advertising Research Foundation and the In-Store Marketing Institute, and is frequently interviewed by industry periodicals, such as Advertising Age.

Hot Topics
  • Programmatic Media Strategies – Today’s marketers need to take advantage of every data source (online and offline) and across multiple touch points in order to successfully motivate and activate shoppers.
  • Cross-Channel Activation – Marketers can leverage granular shopper, TV, video on demand, mobile and online data with hyper-targeted, cross-channel marketing activation tactics to best attract, retain and expand relationships with high-value shoppers against a highly fragmented digital landscape.
  • Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) Benchmarking – Measuring digital campaign performance and optimization capabilities in real time, and adjusting campaigns in-flight, positively impacts results such as sales lift, penetration and trial.
  • Leveraging Consumer and Shopper Insights – Generating specialized solutions for advertisers is fundamentally important to increasing marketing ROI. Both the shopper and the market are evolving rapidly; keeping pace is of the utmost importance.
  • Experimental and Standardized Metrics – Analyzing what has worked, what hasn’t, and experimenting with potentially innovative analytics establishes a series of standardized metrics that is applicable across various digital media landscapes.
Thought Leadership



  • Advertising Week New York, So Much Data…So Little Time, September 2019
  • Cannes Liones, Circle of Influence: The Keys to Success in Influencer Marketing, June 2019
  • RampUp, Audience-Based TV Buying, March 2018
  • Clorox iConnect Conference, Fireside Chat: From Offline to Online and Back: Using Data to Map the Consumer Journey, January 2016