Thought Leaders: Jennifer Pelino

Executive Vice President, Global Media

Focus and Expertise:

  • Omnichannel Media Strategy and Solutions: Owned/Earned/Paid
  • Marketing Strategy, Brand Management and Positioning
  • Consumer and Shopper Insights
  • Consumer Research and Segmentation

About Jennifer Pelino

Jennifer advises the world’s top CPG companies and their media agencies on how integrated data and prescriptive analytics can significantly improve campaign performance and achieve measurable sales lift. She helps brands strategically target, measure and optimize their campaigns across channels, saving them millions of dollars in the paid owned and earned media space. Her global expertise crosses several critical business functions including marketing, general management, innovation, analytics and operations, offering a unique integrated perspective to improving business results.

Jennifer concentrates on innovation and enhancement of targeting and analytics that help advertisers to develop valuable relationships with the consumers who matter most to them.

Jennifer is a recognized leader in the consumer products industry, with deep experience in marketing and sales in the global consumer market industry. She has been a featured speaker at various industry conferences, including those of the Advertising Research Foundation, ANA and the Grocery Manufacturer Association. Her work has been published in AdExchanger, MediaPost and Progressive Grocer.

Hot Topics

  • Personalization – Marketers have the ability to see what consumers are doing across media channels and can connect it to their in-store behavior.
  • Optimized Targeting – Setting a clear objective and building an audience that is customized to match the campaign objective is key. Measuring and optimizing campaigns in real time provides the maximum return on ad spend.
  • Future of Media Measurement – As ads become more of an annoyance to consumers, advertisers have to find new ways to educate and inspire their consumers.
  • Cross-Channel Measurement/Path to Purchase – Leveraging integrated granular data, household-level targeting and measurement, and in-flight optimization can minimize waste in ad spending and optimize campaign results.

Thought Leadership


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