Thought Leaders: Erin S. Kennedy

Solution Architect, Collaborative Gateway Solutions

Focus and Expertise:

  • Supply Chain and FSP Gateway Solutions
  • Innovative Retail Strategies
  • ROI for Retailers and CPGs
  • Big Data Integration and Modeling

About Erin S. Kennedy

Erin joined IRI in 2016, bringing more than 10 years of experience in creating value-driven solutions and strategies for retailers and manufacturers. Erin's work with retailers, including Walmart, Target and Costco as well as manufacturers, like Nestle, Pepsi and Tyson, has focused on extracting actionable economic value using big data, omnichannel marketing automation and data-driven supply chain management solutions.

In her current role, Erin is responsible for IRI's Collaborative Gateway Solutions, enabling profitable retailer and supplier interactions on topics as diverse as pricing, assortment optimization, promotion analytics, basket and buyer growth and retention, and revenue growth management, using the largest pool of frequent shopper data available in the marketplace today.

Hot Topics

  • AI and Machine Learning – Using advanced tools to convert data into actionable insights for full-cycle supply chain management.
  • Retail and CPG Collaborative Strategies – Driving increased ROI through data integration and collaborative relationships.
  • Retail Change Management – Leveraging IRI's full portfolio of data assets to identify best practices for retail.