Thought Leaders: Eric Lang

Senior Vice President & Chief Architect, Collaborative Gateway Solutions

Focus and Expertise:

  • Shopper-Centric Big Data Integration and Value Creation
  • Enterprise Software, Platforms and Architectures
  • User Experience and Content Best Practices

About Eric Lang

Eric brings more than 25 years of cross-industry solution design, development and delivery expertise against big data problems to IRI.

He has spent his career helping many of the most successful organizations, including Walmart, Target, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, American Express, Costco, McDonald's, Turner Media, AT∓T, Williams-Sonoma, Canadian National Railway and Citibank, to unlock the value of their custom data through applications that tap hidden revenue, eliminate redundancy and provide a holistic view of the customer and their complex relationships with the firm.

Hot Topics

  • Retailer-Supplier Collaboration – Closer collaboration between suppliers and retailers offers unique growth opportunities.
  • Shopper Marketing – Integrated management of data, technology, analytics and process supports powerful business insights and high-impact strategies for relevant shopper interactions.
  • Supply Chain Insights – Data integration and visualization is a critical component of accurate and effective stock position, order processing and demand forecasting and synchronization.