Thought Leaders: David DeLong

Senior Vice President, Retail Solution Architecture

Focus and Expertise:

  • Retailer/Supplier Collaboration
  • CPG Enterprise Data Integration
  • Shopper Data Analytics
  • Shopper Targeting & Activation

About David Delong

David is a lead Solution Architect for IRI's Collaborative Gateway program that allows Retailers to work closely with their suppliers to gain a common view of data and jointly focus on activating shoppers. He has extensive experience with integrating retailers' shopper loyalty data with supply chain, rest-of-market and third-party data to provide with a detailed, holistic view of their enterprise.

In this role, David leverages more than two decades of experience with big data, CPG-specific analytics and reporting platforms. At different points in his career, he has working directly with manufacturers, distributors and retailers across multiple channels and verticals.

Hot Topics

  • Continued Growth – Make ongoing enhancements to IRI's Collaborative Gateway platforms to maintain or exceed the 4+ percent annual growth rates participants currently realize.
  • Customer Engagement – Continuing to provide an ever-growing set of tools and methodologies to allow users to identify customers in the most targeted manner possible, actively engage them and quantify the results of the engagement over time.
  • Ease of Use of Advanced Analytics – Making IRI's already extensive library of Shopper Analytic measures easier to use and apply across an ever-growing amount of data.