Thought Leaders: Carl Edstrom

Senior Vice President and Principal, Survey Solutions, IRI

Focus and Expertise

  • Consumer and Shopper Insights
  • Consumer/Shopper Segmentation and Targeting
  • Specialized Survey Development and Analysis
About Carl Edstrom
Carl advises clients based on actual shopper behavior and measured attitudes, and leads the development and management of IRI’s syndicated segmentation services. He is a respected industry thought leader who is frequently quoted in news media and is called on to speak at industry conferences.
Hot Topics
  • Natural/Organic Product Insights – By evaluating the needs, wants and motivations of four diverse natural and organic product-buyer groups, CPG executives can develop innovative, targeted products to unlock new revenue opportunities.
  • Digital Segmentation – The current “always on” digital culture has driven the need for digital segmentation, which explores how different consumer groups own and use digital devices (both mobile and stationary) and how these devices shape consumer lifestyles.
  • Beauty and Personal Care Shopper Insights – The beauty and personal care categories show significantly more upside potential than most other CPG categories – they are also extremely prevalent online. Retailers are learning to use this high-involvement category as a trip driver for consumers across other categories. Product, placement, pricing and promotions are keys to in-store shopper conversion in today’s competitive retail environment.
  • Millennial Shoppers Closely monitoring evolving trends among millennial shoppers helps CPGs anticipate and proactively address changes in product needs and shopping preferences.

Thought Leadership



  • CPX20: Cannabis Products Exchange, The Cannabis Opportunity: Understanding Consumer Need States and Preferences, July 2020
  • ARF SHOPPERxSCIENCE, Measuring In-Store Activation Effectiveness Using Geolocation, July 2019
  • Casro Technology & Innovation Event, Synthesizing Nontraditional Data Streams: Where Does ‘Behavioral’ Data Fit in Marketing Research?, June 2016
  • IRI Growth Summit Best Practice Sessions, Mainstreaming Natural Products for Healthy Growth, April 2016


  • IRI Provides Actionable Insights into $400 Billion Self-Care Industry, Enabling Marketers to Unlock Personalization Opportunities, March 2017