Thought Leaders: Becky Liner

Principal, Growth Consulting, IRI

Focus and Expertise:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence
  • Innovation and BFY Space
  • Portfolio and Brand Strategy
  • Sustainability

About Becky Liner

Becky Liner is a Principal with IRI Growth Consulting and has spent nearly a decade driving sustained, profitable growth for some of the world's largest CPG companies.

She leads engagements developing brand and category strategies to drive growth through innovation, M&A, portfolio strategy, sustainability and trade spend optimization for clients across CPG verticals, including manufacturers, retailers and private equity firms.

Hot Topics

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Targeting – With continual disruption in the CPG industry, many small independently owned brands are stealing share from large established players. When these high-growth small brands go up for sale, owners expect to sell for high multiples, but many are not poised for sustained long-term growth. Identifying attractive acquisition candidates early in their growth is a key advantage for PE firms and corporate development groups. Understanding the true upside potential of an asset requires careful evaluation of retail and consumer indicators that factor in the unique dynamics of COVID-19.
  • Sustainability – CPG companies are under pressure to operate more sustainably and reduce environmental impacts. As part of developing a sustainability strategy, it is imperative to understand how different levers (e.g., packaging, sourcing, manufacturing) resonate with your consumers. Authenticity needs to be a top priority and developing targeted sustainability efforts can lead to competitive differentiation.
  • Innovation – Consumers are always looking for the next new product and innovation is becoming increasingly important for CPG manufacturers. Developing and launching innovations is costly and may not always drive positive financial return. If done incorrectly, innovation can end up eroding brand equity among existing loyal shoppers.