Unlock Frozen Opportunities

Unlock Frozen Opportunities



Frozen foods saw strong pandemic-fueled growth through 2020 and into 2021. But sales in the freezer aisle have started to slow, a problem compounded by lower in-stock levels and rising prices.

This new IRI report surveys the latest trends in frozen foods and highlights opportunities to reignite growth by:

  • Increasing promotions to help offset higher prices, including bundling for meals and occasions like pizza night.
  • Striking the right balance of national and private label brands to optimize category growth.
  • Meeting the demand for frozen plant-based products and meat substitutes without offering too many options of the same product type.
  • Proactively managing in-stock levels, especially for seasonal and holiday foods, to avoid consumer frustration and lost sales.
  • Innovating with a focus on at-home meals that call for greater convenience and new product benefits.

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