Trends in Fresh

Trends in Fresh

Trends in Fresh

2017 Top Trends in Fresh Foods

The perimeter of the store continues to make a big impact on brands and retailers, as it has outpaced other food and beverage departments for the past four years. Currently, dollar growth in the perimeter is 2.1 times greater than other areas of the store.

There are several reasons why fresh food is continuing its growth trajectory. Shoppers are more fully embracing health and wellness, and looking for items that have specific health benefits. They are becoming more socially conscious and focused on where food is coming from and how it is made. They are also using technology to find information about products, and they expect marketing messages to be more personalized. CPG manufacturers and retailers have an opportunity to leverage these and other consumer trends for improved performance.

IRI’s Point of View, “2017 Top Trends in Fresh Foods,” outlines the major trends that are driving perimeter sales outperformance and how the perimeter will directly impact the long-term success of retailers and suppliers over the next three to five years.

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