Sustainability and CPG - New Research Shares Insights on Trends, Consumer Demand and Performance

Sustainability has become a chic buzzword in innovation and marketing over the past few years but is still an often-overlooked opportunity. The creation of sustainable products by CPG manufacturers has increased as consumers focus more on ingredients in food and household/personal care products, as well as the environment, and sustainability has been an important driver of CPG growth. However, companies need a deeper understanding of the market, including during the COVID-19 pandemic, so that they can more easily respond to evolving consumer demands, such as changing generational expectations.

The NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business and IRI® are following up their seminal 2019 analysis, the CSB Sustainable Market Share Index™, with new research examining consumer purchases of sustainability-marketed consumer packaged goods and taking a closer look at the top 10 states in terms of per capita spending on sustainability-marketed products.

Press Release: Latest Research From NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business and IRI Shows That Sustainability Is Surviving COVID-19

Webinar: The State of Sustainability in CPG: Is Its Performance Sustainable This webinar features the latest research findings on current consumer demand for sustainable CPG products and what brands can expect in the future.

Map: Download "Top 10 States for Consumer Purchases of Sustainable Products"


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