Shopper Behavior Predicts the Path to Growth


Shopper Behavior Predicts the Path to Growth

Unspoken Shopper Behavior Predicts the Path to Growth

The competitive landscape for CPG marketers has changed drastically during the past decade, and there are no signs of a slowdown. From new micro-brand entrants to entirely new value chains, the market has been experiencing profound changes. At the same time, e-commerce growth has exploded, and consumers increasingly expect online and in-store experiences to be equally positive and complementary.

At every point in the intricate web that comprises the shopper journey, retailers are faced with losing or gaining a sale. They must be able to anticipate shopper needs and quickly adapt to buy moments as they arise. The best way to do so is to be able to accurately predict tomorrow’s sales performance.

Read “Unspoken Shopper Behavior Predicts the Path to Growth” to find out how to predict future sales for CPG categories, the ways in which consumer sentiment online influences retail sales and how to grow sales in store and online. 

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