Paving the Path to Growth Together

Paving the Path to Growth Together

Paving the Path to Growth Together

National brand and private label marketers have long been locked in a dance, each vying for share of consumers’ $725 billion-plus CPG expenditures. The battle is fierce, for even small share wins provide a significant boost to the bottom line. The recession served to intensify the dance, and private label led for a time. Today, the choreography is more nuanced, with national brands and private label each playing a role in an elaborate show, and the consumer is at center stage.

While some industry experts believe that private label has “had its day,” IRI believes that private label and national brand marketers can enjoy mutual growth by not simply co-existing, but rather evolving and working together to serve the full spectrum of consumer needs and wants.

To provide insights into strategies that will guide national and private brand manufacturers along the path to continued growth, IRI conducted an extensive analysis of the interaction between private label and national brand packaged goods solutions.

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