Pain Management Devices

Pain Management Devices

Pain Management Devices

Pain Management Devices: Coexist or Supplant OTC Pain Medicines?

As people live longer, and with chronic illnesses and other ailments that have an increased incidence of pain, they are looking for more effective longer-term pain management solutions. Although prescription medications and over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications are regularly used, consumers concerned about side effects are seeking non-drug solutions for pain management. 

At the same time, consumers have been regularly incorporating technology into their daily lives, whether with wearables or other gadgets. This has fueled the creation of the OTC pain management device category. Items in this category provide an at-home solution for consumers who normally would have treated their pain using an OTC medication or who would have typically accessed these types of devices in a healthcare professional’s office.  

Click here to read IRI and Kline’s paper which explores the future of pain management devices, including the types of technologies being used, the retail landscape and the expected impact on the OTC market overall.

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