Natural Products Performance

Natural Products Performance




As COVID-19 continues to reshape CPG and retail, a report from IRI and SPINS shows that natural product sales are up compared to last year, and they continue to outperform conventional products as consumers’ shopping and purchase behaviors shift during the pandemic.

The research focuses on natural shoppers’ product and shopping preferences, recommended strategies for manufacturers and retailers to attract and retain consumers, and suggested strategies to employ that will maximize new opportunities in the future.


  • Health concerns due to COVID-19 have driven a wider range of shoppers to the natural marketplace, creating an important opportunity for manufacturers and retailers.
  • Natural product shoppers are widening their preferences, even during COVID-19, as they seek and avoid various ingredients, and carefully study label claims and certifications.
  • E-commerce is a growing channel for natural shoppers, as both trips per buyer and dollar purchase per buyer have increased compared to a year ago.
  • Private brands are exhibiting outsized growth rates, similar to their performance during the last recession. 
  • Natural product shoppers are likely to adopt strategies such as looking for sale items, larger package sizes, private label options and different product attributes that fit tightened budgets.

Economic pressures on consumers and product availability are impacting shoppers’ category buying strategies but to date have not dampened their interest in natural products. Brands and retailers can gain valuable insights from both past weeks’ behavioral data and shopping patterns during the last recession.


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