Merchandising Strategy

Optimize In-Store Performance for Growth with Metrics That Matter

Merchandising Strategy

Today’s CPG marketplace relies heavily on in-store promotion to move volume, but pressure from traditional retailers, e-commerce and nontraditional heavy-discount competition are impacting topline results. Simultaneously, diminishing response for traditional marketing levers like feature, display and temporary shelf-price discounts are creating ineffective spending. When these factors are combined, margins and trade program ROI is being significantly impacted for both the manufacturer and retailer.

Because the industry invests heavily on in-store, ensuring the activities that take place on the shelf are the right ones is paramount to success. CPGs need to understand the key performance indicators that provide the right insights to move the needle, because too often it’s unclear what in-store activities are driving lift and growth. It’s vital to know what winning the store looks like for each portfolio and category.

IRI’s latest Point of View, “Merchandising Strategy: Optimize In-Store Performance for Growth with Metrics that Matter,” demonstrates how CPG manufacturers and retailers use big data and analytics to drive successful in-store programs that win.

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