IRI Illness Tracking

IRI Illness Tracking

IRI Illness Tracking: The Antidote to Flu, Cold and Allergy Seasons

IRI Illness Tracking is your cure if you are not up on the latest trends in flu, respiratory ailments and allergies.  It identifies afflicted consumers and correlates their purchase behaviors, so you can identify the impact market by market and target your brand messaging. 

IRI integrates illness data on one platform, so your users can rapidly access insights into seasonal categories. Last year, many categories posted double-digit sales during the cough, cold and flu season, such as vitamins and pain relievers, spray disinfectants and hand sanitizers, refrigerated juices and honey.

New growth opportunities can now replace out of stocks and excess inventory for CPG manufacturers and retailers. IRI Illness Tracking identifies the hardest hit geographies and the spikes and variances in health care and non-healthcare categories.

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