Hispanics and New Product Trends

Hispanics and New Product Trends

New Product Purchasing Habits of U.S. Hispanic Shoppers

By 2020, the Hispanic community will account for over half of the population growth in the U.S., and their spending power will increase significantly. However, most marketers don’t have easy access to detailed information on what Hispanic shoppers are buying, including in key CPG categories. This significantly limits new growth opportunities for brands and retailers. While Hispanic buying power is concentrated in select U.S. markets, their interest in new products is spread across retail departments.

Digging deeper into the most successful CPG new product launches via its New Product Pacesetters research, IRI examines what Hispanics are buying, and even why they are buying products, to help marketers better understand and engage with these very important consumers. 

Read IRI’s latest report on Hispanics and new products to understand key nuances in Hispanics’ attitudes and preferences, and the significant opportunities for CPG across food, beauty, home and health care brands to improve insights and activation of these shoppers. 

Press Release: IRI Examines New Product Purchasing Habits of U.S. Hispanic Shoppers
Video: Hispanics and New Product Pacesetters
Report:  Hispanics and New Product Trends

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