Growth Platforms

Growth Platforms

The Next Frontier: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Unstructured Metrics to Identify CPG Growth Pockets and Outperforming Brands

CPG manufacturers have been struggling in a low-growth marketplace for several years, and the continued rise of e-commerce has further disrupted the market. Larger and more established brands no longer have the upper hand, since smaller and newer brands now have direct access to consumers.

As companies increasingly look to mergers and acquisitions to help them achieve their growth objectives, they must be able to identify and predict which opportunities are most closely aligned with their strategic goals and objectives. Advances in technology and analytics can now answer complex strategic questions, including exactly where a company should focus its efforts to achieve sustainable growth.

This paper discusses the strategies that organizations can use to proactively identify outperforming brands and other growth pockets to build a solid roadmap for future investment.

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