Excel with E-tail

Excel with E-tail

Excel with E-tail

Build, Drive and Earn E-commerce Growth for Retail Success

While online CPG is still in the early stages of development, it is poised for explosive growth. By 2022, e-commerce will claim an average 10 percent of all CPG sales, and an impressive 18 percent of sales across the non-food sector. CPG companies can seize this growth opportunity, but the industry will need to evolve in order to excel.

It starts with understanding that e-commerce is not just a sales channel; it is also a powerful marketing tool. Already, more than 76 percent of all customer shopping trips begin online, regardless of whether the purchase transaction occurs in a brick-and-mortar store or online.  A strong online presence will support both online and in-store growth efforts.

Click here to read how IRI’s Build-Drive-Earn strategy helps position traditional brick-and-mortar manufacturers to grow e-commerce sales by up to 150 percent by building their presence online and earning shopper awareness.

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