Engaging High-Value Shoppers in CPG and Retail

Engaging High-Value Shoppers in CPG and Retail

Engaging High-Value Shoppers in CPG and Retail

In CPG and retail, winning companies are increasingly focused on finding and targeting their highest-value shoppers – groups who spend the most not only with a brand, category or retail banner but also have high rest-of-market spend. The ability to reach them can often spell success or failure for a campaign. Surprisingly, this is an often overlooked metric when evaluating a media audience.

Finding high-value shoppers can be challenging with the shopper journey getting more complex and channel lines blurring. The pace of change and convergence of channels have rapidly remade how shoppers make buying decisions. Fortunately for marketers, there are numerous new opportunities to find and stay top-of-mind with high-value shoppers.

Total shopper value is a function of both current sales and potential sales. While most companies already have access to the data needed to measure current sales, few understand how to measure potential sales. Learn about a new way to target high-value shoppers more effectively using predictive models, advanced data analytics and data mining techniques to estimate spend for every U.S. household across thousands of CPG categories, subcategories, brands and retail banners.

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