E-commerce And Omnichannel


 E-commerce And Omnichannel

Winning in CPG has always been a challenge, and now the rules of the game have fundamentally changed. CPG marketers no longer serve a few groups of shoppers, but rather innumerable microsegments, composed of individuals who want to believe that manufacturers and retailers have catered a unique experience just for them. There is tremndous opportunity to create new demand moments, develop more powerful and personal touchpoints, forge stronger shopper loyalty, and ultimately increase marketing program efficiency to drive sales and grow margin. E-commerce is a critical component of this rapidly evolving omnichannel ecosystem.

IRI expects total CPG dollar sales via e-commerce will jump from $11 billion in 2015 to $88 billion in 2022. Manufacturers and retailers who are winning early have skillfully crafted integrated marketing and sales strategies for omnichannel growth because they understand that e-commerce is more than just a sales channel. However, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. There is limited historical data on e-commerce performance and growth, as well as a lack of resources, as budgets are squeezed.

As retailers continue to test multiple e-commerce offerings across markets and are beginning to scale the models with the most promise, consumers are beginning to lock into their customized shopping routes. This paper demonstrates how CPG manufacturers and retailers can capture an outsized share of the CPG e-commerce market through a winning omnichannel strategy.

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