Demand Portfolio Strategy

Demand Portfolio Strategy

Demand Portfolio Strategy

Winning the CPG Zero-Sum Game by Uncovering Hidden Growth Pockets

For most companies, it has gotten more challenging to find new growth. New trends, emerging market entrants, and rampant merger and acquisition activity has had a profound impact on share and value creation. Smaller companies have been capturing dollar share points from larger ones during the past few years, and this trend continued in 2016. At the same time, larger companies are rewiring their growth strategies and considering mergers with like-sized firms as well as acquisitions of smaller firms in high-growth sectors.

Companies can capitalize on potential growth opportunities by using a combination of well-informed acquisition, renovation and innovation strategies. Taking a top-down approach to dissecting mature categories reduces risk and forms a strong foundation for demand portfolio strategy development. Companies that do this are able to uncover new value that would have otherwise been hidden in plain sight.

IRI has partnered with several Fortune 100 CPG manufacturers and private equity firms to identify methods for uncovering attractive target candidates to define platforms for growth. Click here to read about this structured approach and how to identify key growth pockets in a low-growth CPG environment.

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