Consumer Personalization in CPG Marketing


Consumer Personalization in CPG Marketing

The world is in the midst of the largest information explosion in history. Mobile technology is integrated into our daily lives, almost one-third of the world’s population is currently on social media, Facebook has 20 percent of the world’s population on a single platform, and YouTube and WhatsApp each have over a billion users. Consumers get messages from all of these platforms and more, and they expect those messages to be current, relevant and even customized for them. With all of these touchpoints and exposures, it can seem almost impossible to keep pace. But the possibilities are nearly endless to make meaningful connections with consumers and leave product and brand impressions. To effectively engage, though, requires integrated data, technology and real-time assessments.

CPG marketers must have a holistic understanding of how consumers use and access all of this information and how that translates to buying behaviors, product impressions and sales. This knowledge will enable marketers to connect with consumers with current, relevant and more customized marketing messages.

To win in this chaotic information environment, CPG manufacturers and retailers together must take the first of countless steps in the personalization journey to better connect with consumers. This paper outlines some strategic approaches proven to make the road to personalization smoother and the capabilities built by and anticipated by IRI that will help retailers and manufacturers drive growth in this era of chaotic consumerism.

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