A New Twist on Privacy – Planning for IDFA Opt-in Launch

A New Twist on Privacy – Planning for IDFA Opt-in Launch

As the media industry continues to make strides in privacy, iOS 14 updates are up next, subsequently causing the Identifier for Advertisers to be the latest tracking mechanism to take a hit.

IDFA will not be able to be targeted, and a usable device ID will not be passed for in-app exposures, if consumers have not opted in. That puts a lot of pressure on the consent mechanic and message, and it will take some trial and error to get healthy opt-in rates.

There remains a gap in collecting media exposure data, specifically related to in-app media on Apple mobile devices.


With the side effects that the industry is feeling related to data compliancy and tracking, IRI set out to gauge the implications of data loss due to iOS 14 by restricting mobile IDs and measuring the possible impact on sales lift results.

  • While the magnitude of the overall lift fluctuated slightly, the answer to whether a campaign was able to drive significant sales lift did not.
  • Most of the brands tested used IRI audiences, enabling positive, significant lift, with these breaks driving stronger lift than the overall total campaign, even with the 25-50% device loss.
  • In looking at absolute lift, dollar sales remained unchanged or only fluctuated a few cents between results. This equated to minimal, tenths of a percent difference for lift, representative of roughly a ~5%-10% decrease in incremental sales.

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