it and tv highlights from ces

CES Podcast No. 3: IT and TV Highlights from CES

CES Podcast No. 3: IT and TV Highlights from CES

NPD's consumer technology industry advisor Paul Gagnon and retail IT and B2B technology industry analyst Mike Crosby share highlights from CES in Las Vegas. The good news for tech buffs: Innovation is making a comeback after the pandemic years’ focus on operational efficiency and supply chain challenges.







  • Performance and power are back, especially in support of gamers, with more efficient and powerful monitors that are also larger and have improved cooling. But consider them portable rather than mobile devices.
  • A lot of computer and TV purchases were made during the pandemic. Manufacturers and providers should be gearing up for the replacement wave that will occur in 2024-2025.
  • Integrating TVs into home décor is about the only new news for TVs, but connected TV platform competition is heating up. Now, it’s about the content, not the hardware.

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