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122: Food and Beverage Consumer Trends — Frugal Fatigue

122: Food and Beverage Consumer Trends — Frugal Fatigue

As consumers wrestle with inflation and resume busy lifestyles, it’s critical to stay ahead of their shifting consumption trends. Circana now provides the most complete view of the $1.5 trillion CPG retail and foodservice landscape in the U.S. — from supply chain through consumption — so you can unlock business growth. Circana’s Joan Driggs, Vice President of Content and Thought Leadership and David Portalatin, Senior Vice President and Industry Advisor, Food and Foodservice, highlight the clarity this new capability uncovers.


  • Identify the daypart that reverted to pre-pandemic volume.
  • Understand how the notion of home centricity started before the pandemic but accelerated between 2020 and 2021.
  • Explore the ways the industry’s affordability can uniquely support consumers experiencing frugal fatigue and seeking to reward themselves or boost their mental and emotional well-being.

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