dairy discovery

Dairy Discovery

Dairy Discovery

Like many departments, inflation is driving growth in the dairy case. But some categories are going strong on their own might, including frozen novelties, coffee creamer and natural cheese. Learn about trends and innovation occurring among the “Dairy 15” from John Crawford, leader of IRI’s dairy vertical and vice president of Client Insights, Dairy.



  • Inflation has shoppers returning to private label offerings in the dairy case after the pandemic years saw name brand dairy products driving growth. Currently, private label products in 12 of the 15 dairy categories are outpacing sales growth of name brand products.
  • Key benefits consumers are looking for in the dairy case include immune defense, and pre- and probiotics. Lactose free remains a strong growth segment. Despite inflation, consumers are willing to pay more for these added benefits.
  • Plant-based products are leading innovation in the dairy case, but dairy innovation is occurring with flavors and name brand licensing.

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