consumer demand revealed in book sales

Consumer Demand Revealed in Book Sales

Consumer Demand Revealed in Book Sales

According to Kristen McLean, Executive Director, Industry Analyst, NPD Books & Entertainment, books are “the idea market.” And given her view across 800 million units and 6,000 subject categories, she is capturing ideas at the intersections of discovery, consumption and purchasing. For the CPG and Gen Merch industries, the insights from book sales are a barometer for demand, but also a catalyst for innovation.  


Key takeaways:

  • The TikTok generation, those aged 35 and younger, have outsized influence, recommending not only what we read, but how we spend our time and what we consume.
  • Books provide insight into CPG consumption trends. Cookbooks focused on convenience and easy-prep meals are in, but there are also increasing sales of titles for baby food.
  • Even though younger consumers are fans of sustainability and thrift, they also have room for premium and aspire to luxury. Opportunities – think licensing!

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