C-Suite Conversations:
Mark Clouse, President and CEO of Campbell Soup Company

IRI Growth Insights’ C-Suite Conversations feature industry leaders who share their boots-on-the-ground experiences and best practices to ensure the CPG retail industry thrives. This session features Mark Clouse, president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company.

Clouse, who joined Campbell Soup Co. in January 2019, discusses the benefit of having a year before the COVID-19 disruption to retool both the company’s portfolio into strategic business units, but also rebuild retailer relationships with a vision of profitably growth and partnership.

The havoc wrought by the pandemic allowed the company to build a sustainable model of acquiring ingredients and materials needed for accelerated demand, such that Campbell Soup is uniquely positioned to be competitive and more capable of winning new and broader consumption occasions. While 150-years-old, Campbell Soup is demonstrating nimbleness and adaptability as it reaches new consumers with targeted messaging and a versatile portfolio that supports a wide range of recipes and meal ideas.