Unified Measurement

Unified Measurement Drives Strategic and Optimized Campaign Performance Across Media Channels Despite Declining Spend


A food manufacturer was concerned with driving penetration more efficiently with its portfolio of messages. It wanted to understand the impact of its overall advertising, as well as its campaign and placement performance. The brand embarked on an annual and midyear marketing mix to understand marketing strategy and complemented it with lift studies to understand each campaign performance in order to make in-flight optimizations.


IRI applied its marketing mix and lift solutions. The first mix showed 4.3% in synergies between portfolio mix, using both television and digital contributions to maximize efficiencies. The following year’s sales lift was also used to understand contributions for each of the three television campaigns and make adjustments in flight to maximize performance. Each half of the year was evaluated, and the client was able to make changes against creative within programming and targets to increase its performance.


The client achieved a 1% lift in sales the first half of the year and a 2.3% lift the second half of the year for the campaign. IRI’s analysis showed the highest-performing networks were also the most effective following the adjustments.

Making further adjustments to the brand marketing mix, campaign and media placement based on these results, the brand adjusted its portfolio mix and again grew sales in the first half of the following year. Marketing sales grew over 10% due to changes in media allocation, campaign optimization and effectiveness, even despite a decline in spend.

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