Targeted Digital

With IRI Verified Audiences, the client's brand received 9 percent more incremental sales uplift versus using demographic targets.


Using IRI Verified Audiences provided the brand with nine percent more incremental sales uplift than by using demographic targets.


The client had launched a flavor extension to its existing beer product and wanted to understand if purchase-based targets performed better than demographic targets in digital media.

Using IRI Verified Audiences, IRI was able to identify verified lapsed buyers of light beer as well as verified buyers of the client’s existing product line. IRI recommended that the client allocate a greater proportion of the brand’s total media investment to purchase-based targets for a more efficient media buy.


Verified purchase-based targets outperformed the demographic targets and received 9 percent more incremental uplift than demographic targets. By using IRI's targeting capabilities, brands can achieve up to 4x incremental campaign uplift compared to non-verified purchase-based targets.

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