Supply Chain

A manufacturer and retailer collaborated to maintain solid in-stock position across two new SKUs and capture $2 million in first-year sales.


A manufacturer was launching a new nasal spray product at a major drug retailer and wanted to ensure the stock levels remained optimal throughout the launch. It approached its drug retailer partner looking to track chain-wide in-stock position and proper scanning of the product, which had two SKUs.


IRI integrated point-of-sale data with the merchant’s supply chain data to monitor sales and in-stock position of both SKUs at each retail location. Each week, distribution trends were analyzed to identify any distribution issues with the launched SKUs.

By monitoring trends at the distribution-center level, the supplier was able to quickly correct any issues.


The supplier worked with merchant’s inventory team to get additional product to distribution centers as needed. In-stock position remained strong, and the two new SKUs captured $2 million in first-year sales at this retailer.


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