Performance Monitoring

The category management team at a leading retailer saw its sales decline by seven percent year on year.


IRI Collaboration Gateway enabled more timely performance monitoring to understand sales drivers and make corrections to quickly improve a leading retailer’s business.


The retailer’s category management team saw its sales decline by seven percent year on year even though its All-outlet performance was positive. The team also had concerns with the products’ performance and needed to know what was driving the declines.

IRI explored the sales drivers during the period and discovered widely inconsistent price gaps between the retailer and the market by region, including that prices were 20-40 percent lower at the client versus the market.

The retailer was able to layer on ad patches and custom retailer geographies to implement more effective pricing and promotion strategies.


The client’s category management team was able to develop a market-correction plan for the retailer’s pricing decisions to drive traffic, and the CEO leveraged the gateway trend insights to improve the business.

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